Blink Home scheduling Zones

blink XT photo

The Blink home security cameras are a great little piece of kit, relatively cheap, no storage costs and no wiring requirements (with an alleged two year battery life), there’s a lot to like about them.

However… There is a flaw that has seen customers return these smart little units – you can’t zone them. For example you may have one camera on the front door which you want armed at all times and one on the back garden that you don’t want armed during the day because children are playing there.


Concatenating videos with FFMpeg


If you end up here, you’re either:

  • Tearing your hair out with FFMpeg, trying to do something clever and cursing – a lot!! 
  • Or you’ve followed my saga of the last few days on Twitter.

Google when you die?

This isn’t such a technical post, but I suddenly had this thought – what will happen to all my Google Photos of my children if something happens to me. There won’t be negatives or packets of photograph’s in a drawer, they’re going to need access to my Google account!


Laravel join overwriting field names

It’s a really common thing to do with databases, join a tables with an other table, but when you have two models that have a field with the same name by default one will overwrite the other!


Tinkering the cPanel Backup System

The backup system in cPanel doesn’t do exactly what we want, it does the job pretty well but you can’t set schedules of who wants daily backups and who wants weekly and still handle all the retentions that some hosts need.


Escaping Heart Email (transferring IMAP servers)

A cPanel to cPanel transfer is so easy, we do it all the time! A couple of details and even the DNS is repointed for you, but when you need to transfer from an IMAP mail host to anywhere life gets a bit more complicated.

We’ve seen people download gigabytes of data to a local machine only to push it back up to the new server over several day, it’s painful!

Enter Imapsync!

CloudLinux Selector Script to detect PHP version selected

This is odd, my last two blog posts have been about bash scripting, not because it’s something I’m good at or do a lot, but because when I achieve something with it – I want to remember it and am quite proud of it!

In this case CloudLinux gives us a PHP selector but no user interface for checking the version, it’s all command line, but on a per user basis.