Escaping Heart Email (transferring IMAP servers)

A cPanel to cPanel transfer is so easy, we do it all the time! A couple of details and even the DNS is repointed for you, but when you need to transfer from an IMAP mail host to anywhere life gets a bit more complicated.

We’ve seen people download gigabytes of data to a local machine only to push it back up to the new server over several day, it’s painful!

Enter Imapsync!

Imapsync does exactly what it’s name suggests, sync’s two imap servers, you can even run it multiple times to backup an email account. I’ll be honest it has so many options I haven’t even looked at, Gilles Lamiral has done a fantastic job.

Once you’ve got imapsync installed it was as simple as one command to get it syncing my imap mailbox out of Heart and into our own imap server.

Note: I did this on a server to speed things up rather than running it on a local mac.

First let’s do a dry run:

 imapsync --dry --password1=oldpassword --password2=newpassword  --allowsizemismatch --useheader Message-ID —used

If all that looks good simply remove the –dry above and go for it. I just synced 5212 emails in under 5 minutes!

After a couple of more inbound emails I was able to sync again and just copy across the new ones, simply brilliant!

We’ve just set the TTL to zero, once the refresh expires we’ll re-point the MX and sync again and we’ll have email on the new server!

If that all sounds completely foreign to you and you need to do an email transfer why not get in touch?

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