Amazon Arbitrage Flips Made Easy

It certainly sounds a bit of a mouthful and it’s a huge thing if you’re involved in the Amazon selling space, I’ve immersed myself in this space for a year and this is just one of the tools I built.

What is Amazon Arbitrage?

Put simply Amazon Arbitrage is the act of buying items cheaper than they’re selling for on Amazon, and then selling them through Amazon for a profit (after fees that Amazon charges you for using them to sell the items). In reality there’s a bit more to it because you can choose to post it to people yourself (a bit like eBay) or have it sat in Amazon’s Fulfilment Centre and have them ship it (via Prime) for you – the key here is that people are willing to pay for convenience.

Now there’s a raft of tools to help people find products, and analyse them to find out if they’re profitable. I’ve worked with quite a few over my last year of involvement and the ones I’d recommend are below (note Affiliate links follow):

  • BuyBotPro
    An essential for analysing eligibility and profitability of items.
  • ProfitProtectorPro
    Adjust your pricing within set parameters and models to other sellers around you to maximise your profits.
  • ArbitrageHero
    Essential software for finding products from a wide variety of retail providers to sell.

What is an Amazon Flip?

Within the Amazon seller community the idea of a “flip” is simple, it’s buying something from Amazon (when they’ve dropped the price) and selling it back on Amazon when the price goes back up, you could spend hours trawling Amazon to find these but tools do exist to help you (CamelCamelCamelKeepa).

However these tools require lots of clicks back and forth to analyse every individual product.

So using these products I’ve built a tool, it doesn’t even have a name right now, but it loads up the price history for an individual category of products and allows some filtering, clicking on an item will take you through to Amazon with all of BuyBotPro’s details filled in and it auto analysed.

I built it for me (but I’m not so involved with seller community anymore), but the few sellers who have seen it have asked for more so I’ve documented what it is here so I can direct them here to see some screenshots and I may yet release it if there’s enough demand.

Screenshot of the flip finder

You can see for every product we have a graph of the product over time, the current price and the average price, along with filtering.

We can analyse (and filter) a whole category of products in just 30 seconds!

Personally I think it’s a game changer for Amazon sellers, if you’d like access (or a video demo) if and when I release it please get in touch!



The problem is making it so not everyone has access to all the deals (and saturates the market), or making it exclusive enough that I can afford to invest some time in it for a few users to use it.


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